For clean, etch, or polish surfaces

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is a process used to clean, etch, or polish surfaces by propelling fine particles at high speeds to blast away unwanted material. It is a common method used for removing rust, paint, corrosion, and other unwanted materials from metal, concrete, or wood surfaces. Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting, grit blasting, or shot blasting.

The sandblasting process involves using a high-pressure air compressor to propel abrasive materials, such as sand, steel grit, or glass beads, onto the surface being treated. The abrasive particles impact the surface, removing the unwanted material and leaving behind a clean and textured surface.

The type of abrasive material used depends on the surface being treated and the desired outcome. For example, sandblasting with steel grit is often used for heavy-duty industrial applications, while glass bead blasting is used for delicate surfaces that require a smoother finish.

We have highly skilled and experienced employees, which is required to achieve the desired outcome. The sandblaster must carefully select the abrasive material, the pressure, and the distance from the surface to achieve the desired result without causing damage to the underlying material.

The benefits of sandblasting are numerous. It can extend the life of equipment and surfaces by removing rust, corrosion, and other damaging materials. It can also prepare surfaces for further treatments such as painting or coating by creating a clean and textured surface for improved adhesion.

In conclusion, sandblasting is a valuable service offered by us. It is a versatile and effective method for cleaning and preparing surfaces in a variety of industries. When performed by a skilled professional, sandblasting can improve the appearance and extend the life of surfaces and equipment.

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